Prospect Hive-

Asprova Corporation

Asprova is an Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) system that creates production schedules at high speed for multiple items and multiple processes. Asprova has 52.4% market share in Japan and has been installed and used at more than 2900 manufacturing sites.

Asprova’s Challenges

Build a proper LinkedIn strategy that gets result

Get sales partners and end users for the production scheduling software

Build relationship with sales partners and train them to get more sales

Leads Storm Solution

Creating social prospecting strategy to build relationship with prospective sales partners and end-users

Building a LinkedIn group to discuss issues and solutions

Generating warm leads and appointments with qualified sales partners and end-users

Build a proper LinkedIn strategy that gets result

Building a LinkedIn group of 10K targeted members

Getting 5-7 qualified leads on weekly webinar

Good numbers of deals in Asprova’s sales pipeline every month

$2M in revenue generated

Leads Storm is a great team of LinkedIn professionals. I used their service for my company to get more sales partners and end users across the world. They also helped me run our weekly webinars. I offered him training in our Tokyo office on our APS and we met as well. Highly recommended.

Kuniyoshi Takahashi

Owner and CEO, Asprova