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Japan Consulting Inc

Japan Consulting Inc. is an interactive marketing agency headquartered in Tokyo, Japan that offers comprehensive digital marketing services and B2B lead generation consulting. They specialize in providing results-driven online marketing solutions for medium and large businesses across the globe.

Japan Consulting Inc’s Challenges

Managing outreach campaigns for multiple clients

Build buyer persona and connect with key decision-makers

Get qualified leads and appointments for their client’s overseas development department

Leads Storm Solutions

Effective system in place to manage multiple client’s outreach campaigns

Build trust and relationship for their clients with targeted overseas companies

Lead nurturing and prospecting

Generate qualified leads and appointments for their clients with overseas companies

Establishing relationships through connections on LinkedIn led to a 30% increase in engagement with overseas companies

Getting good number of qualified leads and appointments a week to close

$10M in revenue generated for their clients as of now

Leads Storm helped us manage our outreach campaigns for our clients by increasing the brand awareness and sales pipeline using LinkedIn and email. They executed multi-touch direct outreach campaigns and helped us generate news leads and book meetings with hundreds of prospects for our clients. We are happy to have such an amazing growth hacking partner for our outreach campaigns.

Kuniyoshi Takahashi

Owner and CEO, Asprova